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Face Paint Information

There are several things that you want to check into when hiring a face painter. Here are my answers to those questions.

Types of Paint


Paint is very important for a professional face painter. Find out what the person you are hiring uses.

I personally use FDA approved face and body paints. They are not craft paints and are truely safe and tested for all ages.


I use water activated paints (Tag, Paradise, Wolf and Snazaroo). They dry quickly and colors are fun, vibrant and great for all types of design work from the sweetest butterfly or the scariest skull. The paints also wash off easily with soap and water or baby wipes.



The best way to remove face paint is a lather and wipe method. Lather with soap to reactivate the paints (foam pump soap works great) then wipe with washcloth or baby wipe. Some paints may require a second washing if left for a longer time period.

Paints may be left on overnight~ My kids ALWAYS do this- LOL. I suggest they use a old pillowcase or towel to protect your good linin. 


A fun way to "save" your design is to hold a wet baby wipe or similar wet wipe to the design and press for 30-45 seconds. This activates the paint and transfers the design to the wipe. Just do not rub. Lay flat to dry and you will have a fun transfer to put in a memory book. :)


Experience with children


KimberlyAnn studied Early Childhood Education in college. Loving kids and helping as a daycare provider at her local church. When she was young and asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, her answer was always the same ~ A Mom. She is now blessed with 4 of her own children ranging from 2 - 10 years old and home schooling her oldest. 


She has babysitting training by the Red Cross, Lifeguard training, studied CPR and worked as a pool attendant at the Arizona Biltmore and Marriott Camelback Inn. 


KimberlyAnn has worked at home for the last 10 years with an online boutique making custom clothing for children and pets.

When not painting faces, she attends craft shows and has recently painted at The Hall of Flame, The Roadrunner Restaurant, Birthday Parties and will start painting at The Phoenix Zoo on November 23rd, 2013. She is also the face painter for Deer Valley School District and Paradise Vally School District.


She helps teach her children business by giving them the opportunity to offer their services as a "Kids Wrangler". They help show photos to the kids at the event, take photos and make sure that everyone knows to come and get painted. They also help set up prior to and break down after the event.

Travel Fees


I live in New River, Arizona. I do require a small travel fee for surrounding areas. My fees are lower than most in the area. Although my designs are similar to those expensive designs seen at popular amusement parks, I do not feel that a person should have cost a ton to have a special day for their family or friends.

Travel fees are listed along with hourly rates on my info page.



Custom Glitter Tattoos


I can design your favorite clip art or a simple business logo into a glitter tattoo for your event. Just email me with your questions and clip art or logo design.


Pay your deposit to reserve your date and time.

Reservation not secured until deposit is made.

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