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Waterproof AirBrush Tattoos

 ~ Glitter Tattoos ~

*Waterproof Air Brush Tattoos are the next level for kids and adults.


We use a special FDA approved body and face paint that when applied dries in seconds and creates a long lasting tattoo. It is waterproof which means unlike water based face paint it will not come off when just sweating, playing in the bounce house or even with a dip in the pool!

It will however remove easily with a bit of soap applied and then water.


When waterproof air brushed tattoos are sprayed on, they can last an average of 3 days - longer if you do not get the area soaped up or scrub while wet.

Airbrush Tattoo Ink ~ If you are looking for a bit longer lasting tattoos (7-10 days) we have airbrush ink that will remove only with oil or alcohol. By special request only. 

Pay your deposit to reserve your date and time.

Reservation not secured until deposit is made.

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A Little Bit of Face Paint & Glitter has great waterproof glitter tattoos and airbrush temporary tattoos.
A tattoo artist is the perfect idea for pool parties, summer events and great for pre teens and up!
*Glitter Tattoos are applied with body glue and cosmetic grade glitter. (This means no metal and no sharp edges so the glitter will not cause any damage if they get in the eyes or hurt sensitive faces).
* Stays on for 3-7days
* Waterproof
* Great for all ages
* Perfect for pool parties
* Custom colors for each design
* Designs for all ages
Have a Glitter Tattoo party or add it along with your Face Painting party!
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